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FROM CASITAS TO TINY HOUSES AS WE RE-THINK THE WAY WE LIVE POST-COVID19, WILL MALLORCA SEE A TINY HOUSE BOOM?by CHÉ ZARA BLOMFIELD Aglobal awakening is upon us. The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to reconsider the way they have been living and consuming. If you weren’t already moving towards a sustainable life, the spring of 2020 will be remembered as the time you started.Many shifts...

She’s Living Tiny

She Built Her Dream Tiny House To Live Life Her Way… With Solar-Power And More Carole has been living in her tiny home for over 2 years in a rural area in Northern Ontario. She has a solar power system to provide electricity from April to October, and from November to March she uses a generator. She uses propane for her stove, hot water, heat, and for her washer/dryer. Her tiny home is...

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