Cabinet-Maker’s Stunning 39 Ft. Tiny House With A Stand-Up Desk Loft

I think my favorite aspect of tiny homes has to be that they force a certain amount of creativity that one doesn’t need in a larger home. That becomes incredibly evident in this cabinet maker’s stunning 39 ft. tiny house in Australia!

Colin and his wife Megan built this incredible modern tiny house on a gooseneck trailer. While they subcontracted the frame and some other aspects, Colin’s expertise as a cabinet-maker came out as he added all kinds of hidden drawers and cubbies to help them store and organize their goods.

There is seriously not an inch wasted in this home! They have a stand-up bedroom over the gooseneck complete with plenty of hanging storage and dream-worthy closets, a living room with a large comfortable couch, and even a clever stand-up work desk space in the secondary loft. Living Big in a Tiny House did a lovely job (as always) interviewing the couple and touring their home, so check that out at the end of the post!

Breathtaking and roomy interior looking from kitchen to living room.

The house has a very spacious bathroom with incinerating toilet. Watch the video to see all the hidden storage!

Stunning Master bedroom. The video shows all the storage here.

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  • Hampton-Inspired Home Design
  • 39 foot gooseneck trailer
  • LED lighting
  • Gooseneck bedroom
  • Tons of hidden storage
  • Large bathroom with stand-up shower
  • Incinerator toilet
  • Kitchen with full-sized appliances
  • Stand-up desk in second loft
  • Large living room
  • Reclaimed kitchen table
  • Couple plans to retire here
  • Large beautiful gardens outdoors
  • Part-DIY/Part-contracted
  • Husband was a cabinet-maker

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