Norwegian Tiny-house

Ida’s Minimalist Mikrohus Life on a Norwegian Farm

She loves her tiny home

She clearly loves her tiny home and tiny life!

What are your name(s)? Ida Johansson and Teo (the cat)

How many people (and animals) will are living in your van? One person, one cat

Where do you live? In south of Norway on the countryside, on the side of a field.

Why did you decide to go tiny? What are you hoping to get out of living tiny? I got inspired by the documentary The Minimalist (Netflix). Then I started to think about it as an option to buy an apartment. It suits my lifestyle: I love to live close nature. But also I have lived in so many different places and countries, and I know I have a hard time to decide where I want to live. There’s so many beautiful spots in this world. So right now I live in the south of Norway, but If I want to go somewhere else I just bring my home. The feeling of having a home, but also the freedom of be able to move it suits me perfect. It’s cheaper than an apartment here in Norway and it’s more environmentally friendly.

I hope I will get a better life, less stress and closer to nature. Be able to do more of the things that make me happy.

How long did it take to finish your tiny house? 4 months

How did you find a place to park and live in your tiny house? So first I jumped on the bus, to see where it stopped. Then I took my bike and knocked on doors on houses that where placed close to these bus stops. In the meantime I was looking on Facebook on pages that involved the area. Suddenly I found a guy on that page that I knew and had danced salsa with at the salsa club. I asked him if he lived in the area and explained that I was looking for a place to park my new house. He had a farm in the area and wanted to have me as his neighbor.

Before going tiny, what was life like? I lived in a 3 times bigger apartment with a car parking place outside my window. Felt like I was actually living more tiny back then, because of the surroundings. I was also worried about my cat when he was out.

What benefits are you experiencing after going tiny? The best thing is waking up with the sunrise over the fields, opening the window and listening to the birds sing. You are more a part of the nature: If it rains, you hear it, and same with wind or snow. And when the sun comes out, you grab a teacup and sit down outside on the staircase.

My cat loves the tiny house as he can sit in all the windows and look on the life outside. He loves running up the stairs up to the loft. And when we go outside, he feels the wind in his fur and the smell of forest in his nose.

It feels good to live more sustainable. All my things here have to be things I really use, so you end up with your favorite ones. Its cheaper then the apartments my friends have.

What about some challenges? I love long showers, and in the beginning, I learned that I can take long showers, but after I have to fill up the water tank.

What makes your tiny house special? I have chosen kitchen details, bench and floors that are a bit special. I like it when it looks a bit old, like the kitchen sink. Of course the cat-toilet. Also I think it looks like an modern apartment but just placed in a tiny home.

What is your favorite part of your tiny? The couch is a nice couch, but also you have a lot of storage under the seats. You can also take it out and have two guests over and sleep. In the sides there are storage and USB chargers.

What helpful advice would you give to others interested in going tiny/living in a tiny house? Do it! Begin to sell and minimize long before you are going to move. Start changing your cleaning and body products to more sustainable products when your old ones are empty: this before you move. Think of where you want to live and work hard and be creative to get that dream come true. Ask a friend / family member if you can have some storage in their loft. Where you can put clothes that are out of season, skiis in summertime and your grandmas old table if you don’t want to get rid of it.

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